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They are very well equipped and are perfect for the whole family to live in. They can be used seasonally or all year round, taking advantage of first-class amenities. Dutch houses, because that's what we're talking about, are functional, mobile objects with room for everyone. We have your dream Dutch house for sale - tailored to your needs and financial possibilities. If you have a large family that needs three bedrooms, the Willerby RIO type house with a shower, fireplace and space for up to eight people will be suitable for you. In turn, young couples and families without children may be interested in a Dutch house of the Granada type, inside which there is one bedroom, a living room with an electric heater, a kitchen and a bathroom. As a manufacturer of Dutch houses, we ensure the high quality of the products we offer and that their prices remain unrivaled. We offer year-round and seasonal English cottages, fully equipped and aesthetically finished. We design some of the houses available from us ourselves, the rest we import from proven manufacturers from the West. All this so that everyone can find perfectly matched Dutch houses for sale: seasonal, year-round, used or new.

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