DUTCH HOUSES ALL YEAR ROUNDAs a leading importer of Dutch houses, we are pleased to welcome you to our virtual home. Here you will find mobile homes, both used and new, rich in the latest solutions and amenities.



In 2015, we expanded our offer to include the sale of new year-round houses manufactured by our company, Kunert Group. The houses are characterized by a modern and elegant design , combining luxury with comfort and space. The comfortable rooms have been designed for people who value a warm interior atmosphere.


We have our own transport and guarantee professional and safe logistics when shipping your dream house. We are reliable and punctual. We deliver Holiday Sport houses to the place indicated by the customer . We deliver cottages purchased at Holiday Sport for prices above PLN 25,000 free of charge within 100 km.


Holiday Sport allows you to purchase houses and trailers in installments. In a short time, we will prepare a loan agreement for you efficiently and professionally, making the purchase of your dream house a reality . We cooperate with Santander Consumer Bank.

Dutch houses

his is our specialty!

As  a leading importer  of Dutch houses, we are pleased to welcome you to our virtual home. Here you will find mobile homes, rich in the latest solutions and amenities. We have prepared a wide offer, which includes not only used houses but also luxurious Dutch houses  produced by us under the name Kunert Group .. These are both year-round and seasonal houses, all made with attention to the smallest detail. Each Dutch house we produce is a high-class, spacious facility, equipped according to the owner’s needs. If you are interested in purchasing a mobile home in which you will live during your holiday trip or permanently, we encourage you to check what Dutch houses for sale we currently have on offer. Holiday Sport focuses on product quality and  full customer satisfaction . Therefore, if you are looking for a way to change your life, we recommend starting with… moving! With our help it will be easy. We have been operating in the industry for over 20 years. We sell functional houses where entire families can live pleasantly. Used, new, year-round, or maybe seasonal – we leave the final choice to our customers. Take a look at our offer of Dutch houses and decide for yourself which one you would like to live in. We will take care of the rest, delivering the purchased house to the indicated location throughout the country. Please contact us!

domki holenderskie


New houses of our production, which are equipped with central heating (classic radiators), double insulation of walls, roof and floor (soundproofing and warming), plastic windows with double glazing, pleats reflecting sunlight (darkening). The usable area of ​​the houses is 4 m wide and 9 to 12.4 m long, with the possibility of arranging the living room yourself.


Year-round Dutch houses, compared to seasonal ones, have double-glazed windows, heating, water, sewage and electricity installations.


A summer house is a place of relaxation and rest. Unfortunately, construction is expensive and time-consuming. This requires completing many formalities. Or maybe a camping trailer instead of a house? Unfortunately, this comfort cannot be compared to places for everyday life. We have the perfect solution!
A seasonal Dutch house is an interesting alternative to a wooden or brick seasonal property.

About us

Since 1997 We specialize in the sale of new and used caravans and seasonal and year-round Dutch mobile homes. We are the exclusive importer in Poland of new and exclusive year-round houses from Carnaby Caravans Collection, Delta Caravans and Atlas. We invite you to our square in Nowe Bielice (near Koszalin). We invite you to take advantage of our offer.

Our products are made in accordance with the production quality certificate granted by TUVReindland.

High-class Dutch houses from Holiday Sport.

See what we offer as a manufacturer

We present innovative modular houses that are an alternative to traditional properties. They offer the possibility of dedicated solutions and functional equipment, while remaining mobile and comfortable. We are sure that you will appreciate Dutch houses, which are popular in the West – they have also become popular in Poland in recent years. This is due, among other things, to the advantages that come with investing in a house of this type. Depending on what type you decide to buy, the house can be year-round or seasonal – and therefore perfect for a holiday trip. Our company Holiday Sport is known in the industry as an importer and manufacturer of Dutch houses for sale. We offer our clients new and used Dutch houses with heating, a well-equipped kitchen, a spacious bathroom and several bedrooms. The houses we sell have all the necessary installations and are therefore ready to live in immediately. We have been present on the market for over twenty years, so we know perfectly well how to meet customer expectations. Our offer includes new Dutch houses at an unbeatable price. In addition, we offer year-round used Dutch houses, as well as seasonal ones of a high standard or intended for renovation. If you are interested in a specific Dutch house for sale, we will be happy to tell you more about it. If price is not an issue, we can offer additional amenities and make the Dutch cottage from Holiday Sport exactly what you are looking for. Our mission is to provide our customers with modern houses that will be pure pleasure to use. Without unnecessary formalities, stress and expenses! Check if we have a year-round Dutch house for sale that meets your needs or place an order for a new house that we have not yet had the opportunity to produce. We invite you to cooperate!








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